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drawing of paulFrom one home owner, to another.
Like you, I am a home owner in Puget Sound, where I have lived since 1990.

In starting this business, I set out not to get rich in the financial sense but to build wealth in the quality of life sense.  I yearned for the freedom of self-employment: to express myself through my work, to meet interesting people, to have engaging experiences, and to enjoy the outdoors.  Previously, I was working as a Business Analyst for a Fortune 500 company in downtown Seattle.

As a fellow Puget Sound homeowner, I have tolerated some funny behavior from the service industry here: people leaving before finishing a job, phone calls not returned, promised estimates never produced, imaginative payment schemes, etc.  I imagine you are familiar with some of these routines.  While I do appreciate the more relaxed pace of life here, I promise not to compromise my customer service because we live in such a laid-back, beautiful place.
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Paul Gilland

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