Window Cleaning

Long time no see?

long time, no see?

For centuries man has melted sand to create glass, allowing the interplay of light between the natural world and interior living spaces.  A professional window cleaning brings this light into your home, making it a more pleasurable and relaxing place.

Having your windows professionally cleaned will increase greatly the enjoyment you glean from your home or business, and leave your guests with a great impression.  Treat yourself today — you deserve it and life is short.

Professional Training

Paul has been professionally trained by the IWCA, the International Window Cleaning Association, in all aspects of high-rise, commercial, residential and post-construction window cleaning.  This provides a level of safety and efficaciousness which all window cleaners would benefit from.  IWCA members:

  • Have access to the latest equipment, techniques and developments in the industry to beautify and maintain the asset value of your property.
  • Receive regular updates on the latest changes to federal regulations, assuring compliance with safety standards and reducing liability to property owners.
  • Have ready access to the most comprehensive training program in the world.

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